Xmas Toy Drive Fundraiser

Now - Monday December 15, 2014


We're Holding a Holiday Toy Drive to benefit the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. Play allows children to express how they are feeling, escape from daily stresses and socialize with others who may be experiencing similar situations. Developmentally appropriate toys and games are essential to providing children with opportunities for play. We will be Taking "NEW" Unwrapped" Toys and Monetary donations from Now through December 15, 2014. Any checks donated must be made payable to the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation to receive Tax Deductible Receipt. 






Get Out to Vote Rally

Gov't Affiars Meeting

Monday 27, 2014 @ 12:00 Noon


In spite of the many struggles to guarantee all citizens the right to vote, the percentage of Americans who exercise that right declined during the second half of the 20th century. No single reason explains this trend. Some citizens may feel that their single vote does not make a difference; some may lose interest in campaigns run primarily through the media. Others may simply be too busy to go to the polls every time there is an election. Americans vote for every political office from school board member to state legislator to congressional representative to president of the United States, as well as on a host of state and local matters. Often, citizens are asked to vote on something several times in one year. The challenge of citizenship is to get to know the candidates and to understand the issues in order to vote responsibly.

Join us we reinforce this message and rally the troops to hit the polls on Super Tuesday!!








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