As REALTORS®, our success isn’t measured by the bottom line. It’s measured by the trust of our clients and customers and the esteem in which we’re held by our colleagues and competitors. The National Association was founded with the goal of uniting the real estate profession through high standards to protect buyers and sellers. 100 years after its adoption, the Code of Ethics continues to be what sets us apart as REALTORS®.

The Code of Ethics is a living document. Real estate is a dynamic business, and as long as we serve the public, the Code will evolve and remain significant

Because the Code of Ethics is a living, dynamic credo guiding us in our daily professional lives, it must be constantly revisited, reviewed and improved. In fact, the Code has been refined every year for the past 23 years. Besides educating REALTORS® on important changes to the Code, mandatory Code of Ethics training reaffirms our commitment to integrity and fair dealing.

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